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Benefits of Mindfulness

7 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation In our last blog, we explored the topic of mindfulness, and how focusing on the here and now can positively impact our stress level, self-awareness and productivity. Mindfulness is a state of calm, non-judgmental peacefulness. Being mindful means being “present” in the current moment by paying attention to the here and now, rather than dwelling on past or future concerns. Mindfulness means developing a moment-to-moment awareness of what we’re experiencing. It’s a state we can all cultivate, rather than a trait some innately have. Practicing mindfulness meditation each day has proven benefits, according to...

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Mindfulness: Achieve Peace in a Stressed-out World   Your cell phone is ringing – again – as you drive four kids to swim practice at 6am. Your list of unanswered texts and emails is growing. You shudder to think about Facebook. Your boss is demanding a tight deadline on that big project. Add family responsibilities and – oh yeah – a social life. No wonder a majority of us are stressed out 24/7!   How can you escape responsibilities, commitments and due dates to find peace in our stressful world? The answer is simple: by harnessing the power of...

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